happy moves_

A Coca-Cola fitness tracking app that creates happiness through movement

get up and go

We partnered with Coca-Cola to gamify and reward everyday fitness through an app that tracks activity, encourages friendly competition between friends worldwide, and rewards movement with prizes ranging from free playlists to the hottest tickets in town.

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Design UX / UI
  • Development
  • Illustration
  • Strategy

movement is happiness

For their Global Happiness campaign, Coca-Cola wanted to harness research indicating that teens who engage in regular physical activity tend to be happier, then spread that message across the globe. We built Happy Moves as a global, gamified activity tracker that lets friends compete individually or in groups and rewards movement in all its forms.

engage and motivate

Users demand a seamless experience, so we built an API that connects to their existing activity trackers, such as the Misfit bracelet and Endomondo. From there, we created custom scoreboards that let them compete against friends and track their progress: all on a beautiful, branded interface that plays perfectly on smartphones. The best part? Users enjoy rewards every step of the way. We partnered with Spotify to offer players free music as they progress through the challenges, and offered major incentives to winners that varied from country to country. For example, winners in Brazil received soccer tickets, while those in Spain enjoyed VIP access to hot concerts and cultural events.

a lively Identity system

We leveraged Coca-Cola’s iconic branding to create a fun visual language and branding system that could be applied across campaigns, prizes, and memorabilia, then brought it to life through lively animations that worked everywhere from smartphones to TV.

The truth is that I like it a lot. I love waking up on the weekends and seeing the hours I’m sleeping and it also motivates me to sleep a minimum of hours…[…] I also like to record my weight loss little by little and see it on the graph… and even more so in the summer

Rodrigo, beta tester