longo park_

An unconventional site for unconventional architects.

challenging traditional architecture

Longo Park is a Chicago-based architecture and design workshop that challenges the traditional role of architecture through a mix of research, fabrication and collaborative design.

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Strategy
  • UX / UI
  • Website Development

beyond responsive design

Our concept for Longo Park’s website wasn’t just responsive - it was fully automated. We built a custom Content Management System (CMS) that actually recreates each page based on screen size, reflowing content as needed to adapt to the browser and platform. This allowed Longo Park to easily add or edit any type or length of content within the system’s automated layout builder.


identity as a moving target

Longo Park needed an iconic, impactful, and minimal visual identity system, that could be applied with a stamp or embossed onto any surface (from a thumb-drive to a billboard). Since the company’s full name, Longo Park Design Workshop, was too long to fit onto their pinkie-sized business cards, we shortened “Design Workshop” to DW and placed it where a trademark symbol would normally go: a subtle, yet effective, touch. The final result is a truly flexible branding system that can adapt to any circumstance.

design approved by designers

This lush coffee table book showcases their research and conceptual work: a physical presentation that had a huge impact at client meetings. The book was created as a conceptual piece, meant to be flipped through more than read. This gave us the freedom to incorporate abstract design elements combined with images, to expand dramatically on the original brand.

a building becomes architecture, then it is art

- Arne Jacobsen