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A playful, research-based approach to bringing the spark back into relationships.

a safe and sexy place to share desires

We partnered with the world-famous Kinsey Institute of Indiana University, using their research to create an app that helps partners explore, communicate, and privately share what really turns them on.

  • Animation & Video Production
  • Branding
  • Business Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • iOS App
  • Market research
  • Photography
  • UX / UI
  • Website Development

communication without shame

Our goal was to help couples who have a hard time communicating about sex. Our research found most would never download a “sex” app or trust us with their privacy. How could we get them to talk to each other and how do we overcome the stigma of using such an app?

a better sex life in the palm of your hand

Since we already have an intimate relationship with our phones, what better way to connect and communicate than through an app? With tasteful, high-end art from famed erotic photographer Reka Nyari, the PlsPlsMe app gets users warmed up with a quiz that sorts them into one of four sexual profiles, and then allows them to play decks of highly visual “cards” that explore proclivities ranging from toe-sucking and cuddling to public sex (with content tailored to their quiz results).

communication inside and outside the bedroom

The beauty of the app lies in the way it connects couples. Once users download the app, they’re encouraged to invite a partner to play. When both partners share a turn-on it becomes a “match” and opens a private chat window where they can take the flirtation further. Partners only see each other’s turn-ons if they’re a match, saving potentially jarring or embarrassing moments and leaving only possibilities.

luxury in every detail

To appeal to the app’s affluent and aspirational audience, we created a visual language steeped in luxury. Gold lettering against a satin background suggests decadent nights, while the erotic photography is alluring yet subtle enough to be upmarket.

a web experience
that’s pure bliss

We developed a companion website that employs animated responsive design to mimic some of the tactile interactions available in the app. Beta tests of both platforms garnered glowing feedback from users and press. The pilot is currently on hiatus while the next iteration is being developed.

One really cool thing about this app is that it won't only help you to discover your partner's sexual interests, but also your own.

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