grand marnier_

A luxury heritage brand enjoys a sophisticated digital update

heritage with an interactive twist

Grand Marnier is a distinguished French cognac brand, created in the 19th century and famous for its sophisticated yet eccentric blend.

  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Video Editing
  • Web Design
  • Website Development

honouring decades of tradition

Grand Marnier wanted to update their website to a sleek, sophisticated experience that matched the rich tradition and legacy of the brand.

A website that would support the US-based Live Grand campaign, represented by stunning video and imagery, while also capturing the spirit of the campaign for a global audience.

stylish interactivity

We employed animation and dynamic transitions to bring the brand’s personality and iconic appearance to life.

Their sophisticated color palette and heritage imagery were juxtaposed with modern, innovative displays of the brand’s zest and character, showcasing the eccentric twist - the nobility of cognac paired with exotic fruit - that gives the brand its standing.



motion + music

To help them immediately convey the grandeur of the brand and product to visitors of the website, we turned to their archives. We sifted through collections of video footage taken of the Grand Marnier properties, product and key staff - such as their Master Blender, Patrick Raguenaud - throughout the years, and edited it into a trailer promoting their brand lifestyle, set to the classical notes of Dismantle by Peter Sandberg.

Once the visitor progresses past the age gate, the site opens with the video bringing them through the gates of the grand Chateau de Bourg-Charente, located in the heart of France’s cognac region. Aerial footage of the stunning estate and its grounds combined with evocative close-ups of the vineyards and the finished product allows the visitor to actively imagine themselves in the Grand Marnier world.