the assemblage_

A luxurious brand identity and website for the launch of an ambitious real estate venture.

a launchpad for collaboration

The Assemblage is a luxury collaboration space, a social club meets co-working and co-living haven in the heart of Manhattan.

  • Animation
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Marketing Materials
  • Signage
  • Social Media Direction
  • UX / UI
  • Website Development

everything is connected

The website needed to be the foundation of the brand, communicating not only The Assemblage’s beliefs and values, but also showcasing the key elements of the properties and the programming to inform and entice prospective members.

We employed dynamic scrolling and interactive particle animations throughout the site, with the different pieces of the website seamlessly merging together, each section guiding the use into the next.

A dynamic video header was utilized to highlight the property’s neighbourhood and the magnetic energy of New York City at night. 

form meets function

‘Dynamic, flexible and immersive’ was the self-imposed benchmark we set for site’s array of content. We designed page templates that adapt to all manners of communication, from long-form storytelling to image-driven sales tools, ensuring that The Assemblage can express themselves as needed.

speedy & responsive

The Assemblage’s target audience consists of on-the-go self-starters and entrepreneurs, so the site simply had to be mobile-first. What we made is more than just responsive: the layouts and interactions actually change the user experience so that mobile feels more like an app, with the backend adjusting image sizes to ensure that the site reads as fast as you do.



& high-end

We incorporated elements of sacred geometry, to reflect the brand’s esoteric values, and mixed them with sophisticated animations and minimalist designs to appeal to the holistic yet entrepreneurial nature of The Assemblage community.

The branding implemented traces of burnished copper, which showcased both their connection to the earth and nature, and the luxurious design and details their members can expect to experience. 



straight out of the gate

To allow The Assemblage to display their offering prior to the launch of the website, we created a series of presentation decks that enabled them to secure relationships with vendors, ambassadors and partners.



When it’s social, you’ve got milliseconds to grab a user’s attention. We combined eye-catching Facebook advertising with stop-in-your-tracks Instagram imagery, for an integrated social presence that immediately conveyed The Assemblage’s soul-driven sophistication.