Choose your city and explore local, hand-picked discoveries from our navigators, that will inspire you to unearth the best of each destination.

the inside scoop for guests

Re-Discover for Renaissance Hotels is a concierge tool that guides guests to discover hidden gems and special events.

  • Animation
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Development
  • iOS App
  • UX / UI
  • Website Development

a digital pocket guide for urban adventures

The Renaissance Hotel chain wanted to go beyond simply delighting guests while they were on the premises. They desired an experience that stayed with guests as they explored the city; one as hip and curated as the hotels themselves.

We designed an app that gave guests a personalized experience curated by top tastemakers, all within walking distance of their hotel. After filling out a short quiz to determine travel and discovery preferences, guests received a customized map of hyper-local destinations and experiences. 

curated by local editors

We partnered with UrbanDaddy - a lifestyle media company known for its cutting-edge recommendations for dining, shopping, and nightlife - to provide itineraries hand-picked by top editors and discerning local experts.

Options could range from an underground restaurant with tasting stations highlighting local chefs and mixologists, to live performances featuring prominent DJs and musicians. Guests received a RFID-tagged card upon checking into the hotel, which served as entry to the velvet-rope events featured within the app.

Webby Award Honoree 2014


Tourism & Leisure

Such a great experience, a really slick app, you knocked it out of the park!

- Jane Silverstein, hospitality advisor