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  1. We launched The Assemblage members mobile app!

    May 3, 2019 by admin
  2. a launchpad for collaboration

    The Assemblage is a luxury collaboration space, a social club meets co-working and co-living haven in the heart of Manhattan.

  3. everything is connected

    The Mobiel App needed to be the foundation of the membership, communicating not only The Assemblage’s beliefs and values, but also enabling access to the key elements of the properties and the programming to The Assemblage members.

  4. form meets function

    ‘Dynamic, flexible and immersive’ was the self-imposed benchmark we set for applications array of content. We designed screens that adapt to all manners of communication, from long-form storytelling to image-driven sales tools, ensuring that The Assemblage can express themselves as needed.

  5. holistic & high-end

    We incorporated elements of sacred geometry, to reflect the brand’s esoteric values, and mixed them with sophisticated animations and minimalist designs to appeal to the holistic yet entrepreneurial nature of The Assemblage community. The branding implemented traces of burnished copper, which showcased both their connection to the earth and nature, and the luxurious design and details their members can expect to experience.

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